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Most companies are busy trying to solve yesterday's problems.  Not us.  Here at HK we know that one-size doesn't fit all.  We offer three types of real estate loan products.  And we only lend against real estate assets.

We provide debt & equity financing to qualified sponsors for non-owner occupied property located in Chicago.  Plus, Chicago luxury real estate mortgage loans.

Quickly funding your opportunity is possible with us because we're free from the hassles that limit big banks.  If you're an experienced rehab investor, then our single family residential fix-and-flip line of credit is ideal for you.

For commercial property owners seeking real estate financing that's approved in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy situation, our DIP financing product will come to the rescue.

As far as condo, townhome and single family home buyers go, we know that mainstream banks are turning away worthy borrowers because of stifling government regulations.  Therefore, if you just missed qualifying for your downtown Chicago luxury residential mortgage, then we have a mortgage product specifically for you.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy DIP Loans

Otherwise known as debtor-in-possession. Our DIP loans are for commercial property connected with Chapter 11 reorganizations only. These loans are approved by the court; and all current lenders must agree to the DIP loan. Because the judge blesses the approval of a debtor-in-possession loan, we'll first need to see your court approved reorganization plan; and your disclosure statement to consider starting.  Minimum loan—$2million.

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Note:  As you know, the bankruptcy judge must approve a DIP loan as part of your reorganization plan.  Before we start, we shall need to see evidence of your reorganization plan and disclosure statement.  You must be in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for this commercial real estate secured loan.

Non-Owner Occupied Residential Fix-Flip

If you're an operator with experience rehabbing numerous single family residential properties, then this loan product was designed for you.  It's a $1million minimum—line of credit format.  Borrower must apply and get approved for the line of credit.  Minimum credit score—680.

Downtown Chicago Luxury Condo Loans

COMING SOON! If you're one of those borrowers that's on the cusp with mainstream lenders, then an HK Mortgage might be just what you needed. These mortgages are designed to help you finance the purchase of a high quality downtown Chicago condo. As long as it's intended as your primary residence with you as the owner occupant.

Coming Spring 2016!


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