Essay 1 self-launch

Essay 1 self-launch

My brand is Kazune, and that Iam categorised as”Kazu”. My hometown is Yatsushiro. Yatsushiro is the second-largest town in Kumamoto. Banpeiyu and rush, a kind of lime, are famous inside. My loved ones live in Yatsushiro, though I-live alone in Kumamoto today.

Our parents are educators. My father works at music-school, and my mommy teaches cello athome. Ihave two siblings. One is actually a senior high school pupil. Her faculty is my universityis neighbor. Lately, though she can not read audio note, brass band membership was registered by her. One other is just a junior high school pupil. She belongs to football team. I also provide grandpa and grandmother. Their interest is golfing. They go to enjoy golf every single day.

To the one hand, my passions are enjoying the guitar, reading textbooks, specifically manga, drawing drawings. And I’ve left my team currently, but I had belonged to ESS (English Speaking Culture) until last January. In my own hobbies, particularly, I’m good at music. I learned automated wood and actually had been for seven decades. So I may play piano and the electric body. I love music quite definitely. I even have enjoyed drawing designs since my childhood. I’d pull plenty of illutrations at break-time with one among my friends, after I was an elementary-school pupil. When I used to be senior school pupil and a junior high school student, a number of my friends and I usually canged our works one another.

In addition to them, I introduce my personal favorite items and dislikes. My personal favorite ingredients are candy crab roe pasta. My favorite wedding ring is SMAP. Users of SMAP their songs very good and are very funny. They relax me greatly. My personal favorite actress is Yukie Nakama. She is beautiful. Because I saw one-of video dramas on TV I have appreciated her. Manga is also liked by me very much. I specially like ” FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST ” . The movement was America or Italy but additionally public in not simply China. It is common in there, too. Therefore I’ve actually see the manga written in English. And lately, the best TV program is “ainori”. I cannot miss viewing. I hate insects the most all over the earth. I specifically dislike index.

I have my dream that is upcoming and my goal now. The former gets a job with corporation which requires English, and also Australia is being studied abroad to by the latter. Since I was a high school pupil, to examine abroad original has been my objective. And so I need to study English harder.

About my buddies. I have a companion. She is enjoyment and very kind. She assists me, whenever I am in some trouble. So she and I can talk everything together. She lives in Fable today. She studies to be always a nursery school-teacher. I also have plenty of buddys at my university. I like chatting together. And that I enjoy my school life. Obviously I like studying Language. Though I have to accomplish several homeworks recently, I’m pleased to study at America office, Britain and Gakuen School. And someday I do want to be considered an english-speaker that is good.

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Hello! I am Yukiko. I wish along with you to more close friend. Let’s discuss one another.

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