Hillary Clinton Wins Important Nevada Caucus, While Donald Trump Sweeps South Carolina

Hillary<span id="more-8377"></span> Clinton Wins Important Nevada Caucus, While Donald Trump Sweeps South Carolina

Hillary Clinton restored order to her 2016 Democratic campaign that is presidential on the week-end, as she edged out challenger Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders 52.6 per cent to 47.3 percent within the Nevada caucus. On her behalf victory, Clinton received 19 associated with 34 delegates.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, then and now: seen right here in friendlier times in 2005 at his wedding to current wife Melania, a potential 2016 basic election between Trump and Mrs. Clinton is now searching progressively likely.

An accomplishment that was essentially unimaginable nine months ago, Clinton’s strong organizational structure in the Silver State was largely thought to be the barricade to Sanders’ growing support after sanders gave her an unprecedented defeat in New Hampshire.

Concerns arose after New Hampshire, sending the Clinton campaign into a frenzy, but on Saturday, the previous Lady that is first and of State reconfirmed her dominance among minority voters.

Clinton appealed to that demographic in her victory speech.

‘We see African-American families denied mortgages at nearly three times the rate of white families,’ Clinton pandered. ‘We’re going to build ladders of opportunity within their place so every American can get in terms of your efforts can take you … But if we open our hearts to the categories of coal country and Indian country, if we tune in to the hopes and heartaches of hardworking people across America, it’s clear there is certainly so more to be done. if we tune in to the voices of Flint and Ferguson,’

Trump Cruises Past Cruz, Rubio

Nevadans registered with the Republican Party will pick their GOP nominee on Tuesday. Over the week-end, they too held a main, but in the much more conservative state of South Carolina.

As expected, frontrunner Donald Trump rolled to their second consecutive victory by receiving 32.5 per cent of the vote for many 50 available delegates.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz basically tied for 2nd with 22.5 and 22.3 per cent of the vote. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush placed fourth at simply 7.8 percent, which generated the once-favorite candidate suspending his campaign.

The Donald, surrounded by wife Melania and their offspring that is grown effusive in his victory speech.

‘Honestly whether we go anywhere you say, you go to LA … our people are incredible,’ Trump told supporters whether we go to Dallas or. ‘And our theme, what is our theme? Make America great again.’

State of the Race

Republicans require 1,237 delegates to win the nomination, while Democrats require 2,382. Here’s where the race currently stands:


Donald Trump 67

Ted Cruz 11

Marco Rubio 10

John Kasich 5

Ben Carson 3


Hillary Clinton 500

Bernie Sanders 70

The Republican race now moves to Nevada on Tuesday, where Trump when again has a commanding lead in the polls and is anticipated to win handily. The former Atlantic City casino owner is the candidate that is only such a direct connection to the industry that fuels the Silver State, although he’s long out of the gaming business.

The Democrats head east to South Carolina for another Saturday contest.

After those two states, it’s on to Super Tuesday on March 1, where 11 states weigh in on the nomination that is democratic 12 Republican jurisdictions make their voices heard on the GOP side.

On Wednesday, March 2, two candidates will presumably emerge and distance by themselves from the pack. As of now, those two names are looking progressively like they will be Clinton and Trump.

‘The question now could be if the establishment will finally accept that Trump is regarding the path to become the Republican nominee,’ longtime pollster Douglas Schoen had written this week. ‘The sleep of the primary states are much more favorable to Trump than New Hampshire and South Carolina … We could very well be seeing a Trump/Clinton general election match-up.’

DFS Web Site FantasyHub Suspends Operations, Leaving Players Unable to Access Balances

DFS site down: Andrew Busa, founder of FantasyHub, which announced cessation of its operations on Friday. (Image: courier-journal.com)

DFS web site FantasyHub seemingly have bitten the dirt, leaving players not able to access their funds. The fantasy that is daily operator left clients unable to access their funds on the weekend.

From on, DFS players saw this message when they logged on friday:

‘FantasyHub has temporarily suspended operations. Further updates have been made via email. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, but we have been currently in discussions with a strategic party that is 3rd the future of FantasyHub & its players.’

FantasyHub, whose USP was it enabled its players to donate a few of their winnings to charity, may be the second tiny DFS operator to shut within the month that is past following FantasyUp.

The second site imploded in January, informing its players it could not afford to return their balances that it no longer had the funds to continue and.

FantasyUp Bailed Out

FantasyUp was rescued by the iTEAM that is burgeoning, a DFS white-label platform launched by former MGM and Galaxy Resorts exec Gabe Hunterton and poker marketing agent Brian Balsbaugh.

FantasyHub’s guide to a third-party may suggest it’s going through a comparable process.

Based in Austin, Texas, FantasyHub was founded in 2014 by Kentucky Andrew that is native Busa. In an interview with Louisville company First last July, Busa said his business had received $118,000 from startup accelerator TechStars to launch, and in July, was seeking $750,000 in seed capital so that you can develop a mobile app and add competitive gaming leagues.

Busa said by the quarter that is first of, he planned a Series A round to raise between $3 million and $5 million, although that could grow to $15 million, he added, ‘depending on what occurs between now then.’

Had Been Balances Segregated?

What happened between now and then is unknown, however it doesn’t seem to have worked down quite the real method that Busa had envisioned it.

We can only hope that players’ balances are safe. FantasyHub is really a person in the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, whose operators pledge to keep their players’ funds segregated from their operating funds, but as the DFS industry remains unregulated by way of a watchdog that is third-party there is no way of once you understand if this actually occurred.

Many states are looking at regulating daily fantasy sports 888 casino user reviews web sites, most notably California, the industry’s second-biggest market. Such regulation would enforce segregation of player funds and protect consumers, opening operators up to transparency that is full accountability.

This kind of bad press is the last thing the DFS industry needs right now in the meantime.

A contact provided for players over the weekend apologized for ‘radio silence’ and assured that the company would ‘be in touch extremely soon with complete information.’

Virginia DFS Bill Headed to Governor’s Desk, State Positioned to Become First to Legalize constant Fantasy Sports

Billionaire NBA team owner Mark Cuban will be among the likely millions of activities fans around the country thrilled to hear a Virginia DFS bill may soon legalize and control the overall game, paving just how for other states to do equivalent. (Image: forbes.com)

Virginia DFS Senate Bill 646 passed through their state’s House of Delegates on with a vote of 80 in favor to only 20 against monday.

The legislation seeks to produce the Fantasy Contests Act and enable residents in the Old Dominion State to participate in daily actively fantasy recreations contests on popular platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel.

Regulations would require operators to pay an annual charge of $50,000 to hawaii, prevent employees from participating in the games, make sure the protection of information and also the segregation of player funds, block those under the age of 18 from logging on, and produce self-exclusion programs.

Originally authored by House Delegate Jackson Miller (R-District 50) in mid-January, State Senator Ryan McDougle (R-District 4) introduced an identical companion bill in his chamber that is apparently the General Assembly will go ahead.

‘It’s not expansive. It’s not burdensome. But it does put in some protection for customers,’ McDougle told The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Earlier this Virginia’s Senate passed SB 646 28-10 month. Now armed with your house’s approval, the legislation will be sent to Governor Terry McAuliffe’s (D) desk to be signed into law and make Virginia the very first state to completely legalize day-to-day fantasy sports.

Death to fees

Miller and McDougle, along side those who voted in benefit of SB 646, are challenging the old Benjamin Franklin adage that reads, ‘Nothing is for certain except death and fees.’

An annual fee on DFS operators, it makes no mention of an additional tax on their gross revenues or net operating income, as is the case in several other states considering such legislation while the Fantasy Contests Act levies.

That lack has acquired the ire of Democrats in Richmond, whom believe in the event that state legalizes fantasy that is daily, it will enjoy some reward.

‘Virginia doesn’t obtain a piece of this. If we are going to enable this type of gambling to continue in Virginia we should at least acquire some type of great benefit as a result,’ Delegate Alfonso Lopez (D-District 49) told American University Radio in Washington, DC.

The Republican-controlled General Assembly seemingly disagrees.

‘ I did not carry it in to be a income tax increase bill, so I happened to be not about to tax these companies,’ Miller said. ‘What I wanted to do is put some consumer defenses in there but also make it in order that the over 1.2 million Virginians who play it now can continue.’

Cuban Sounds Off

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, can be called a complete lot of things, but reserved is definitely not one of these. A DFS analytics company in early 2016, Cuban revealed he was investing in Fantasy Labs.

The outspoken star of TV’s endeavor capital show ‘Shark Tank’ doesn’t much like the state that is numerous general who have publicly declared the sports contests unlawful.

‘Certain politicians like ny Attorney Gen. Eric Schneiderman … have wanted to produce a name on their own by promoting efforts to ban fantasy that is daily their respective states. They are wrong and misguided,’ Cuban wrote in an op-ed this for USA Today week.

Cuban argues into the column that winning at day-to-day fantasy sports requires time, work, and ability, which is just why the contests shouldn’t be connected to gambling.

‘Good fortune standing when it comes to the entire sports-loving population that enjoys the camaraderie that is sold with playing fantasy sports. Fantasy activities is here to stay, and that is a good thing,’ Cuban concluded.