How To Write an A+ Essay And Never Read The Book!

hey guys today I just want to share with you all one of the greatest time-saving tricks I have ever learned if you are in high school or especially if you’re in college this will be extremely useful for you how to write an a paper without ever reading the book step one is to read the prompt understand the prompt is really important because if you understand it then you know what to pick out for your essay step two is to pull up sparknotes for whatever the book is if you have sparknotes this gets super easy the easiest thing to do is to look through the different chapter summaries to get an overall understanding of the book you can just read the sections that pertain to the prompt but reading that summary is really useful for a better overall understanding to read the character analysis the character analysis will help you so much and understanding all the characters and their motivations the analyses that they present are generally really spot-on and really really useful step 3 in order to write a good essay your going to have to use quotes however if you’ve never read the book you won’t know where to pull the quotes out of write no you’re wrong because you have sparknotes so if you go through your little chapter summary thing you see that in the chapter summary of chapter 8 there is some really important event there in kind of the middle of the summary then you know that kind of in the middle of chapter 8 is going to be talking about that section so you just go to chapter 8 you skip chapter 8 to find the quote that you need pull it out put it into your essay also another quick tip is if you have not bought the book you don’t really need to worry about it because if you go into Amazon you can look inside most books and you can find most pages and if the page is covered up because it’s copy written you just refresh the page type in the page number and more than likely you will be able to see that page that was once covered up because of copyright information so you can access a lot of the book without actually having to pay for the book and the other really good thing about pulling up the book onto Amazon is you can search though it is a PDF version of your book so if you don’t want to go to our example chapter 8 and skim through all of chapter 8 you can go into the book on Amazon pull it up type in your keywords and then it’ll pull up all the times those keywords occur in the book the important thing to remember is don’t plagiarize do not plagiarize do not plagiarize that is a very very silly thing to do in a very quick way to get a 0 on your paper to fail the class and to potentially get kicked out of the school so do not plagiarize even though the analysis is really nice even though it sounds like it’s written by a college student which honestly probably is just don’t do it reword it think through it yourself synthesize what’s going on take their analysis and your own kind of thoughts as you’re reading the summaries combine them to create your own new ideas about what you’re going to write about once you do that you’re golden if you have any other great time-saving tricks for college students and high school students in need of a little bit of a break leave them below how do you write essays how do you read your books how do you get away with doing minimal work and getting maximum grades that I think will be really beneficial to everyone to share below I love to hear what your tricks are and see if maybe I could have saved a lot more time during my college and high school career thank you all so much for watching be sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked this video and share this video with your struggling friends who might need a little bit of a break and as always please subscribe for more videos I will see you next week bye