SHARE EVERYTHING “: Attila Hildmann spreads a fake” picture “interview

SHARE EVERYTHING “: Attila Hildmann spreads a fake” picture “interview

Skeleton world champion Tina Hermann from WSV Königssee won her fifth national championship title in a row in Winterberg. The 28-year-old won on Saturday after two runs with a margin of 0.20 seconds over Jacqueline Lölling (RSG Hochsauerland). Third place went to Hannah Neise (BSC Winterberg). "Those were exciting races that were very close. The performance of the girls was very positive with very good track conditions"said national coach Christian Baude.

In the men’s category, local hero Alexander Gassner won with just 0.01 seconds ahead of world champion Christopher Grotheer (BRC Thuringia) and Felix Keisinger (WSV Königssee). "The race was awesome, the close gaps were spectacular. This is exactly the level where we have to and want to be", said Baude. The national coach wants to announce the World Cup teams on Monday.

For the ski lift operators in the Sauerland, the current winter sports season is already one of the three worst in the last 20 years. Even if the current fresh snow gives hope for a wintry March, the past weeks and months have been too mild and too stormy, announced the Sauerland winter sports arena on Thursday. In the few cold phases, the amount of precipitation would not have been sufficient to form a thick blanket of snow, so the announcement of the merger of the ski areas in Hochsauerland, Siegerland-Wittgenstein, Olpe and Willingen in Hesse.

Some ski areas with snow-covered slopes were able to open again and again, but there were significantly fewer lifts than usual, said a spokeswoman. So the previous winter is similar "Sad" run like the snow poor winter 2006/07 with the hurricane Kyrill and the mild season 2013/14.

Only since this week have skiers in the region the chance to ski down the slopes even on significant amounts of natural snow. Overall, the ski areas expect up to 30 centimeters of fresh snow by Friday. When night temperatures drop, the snow cannons should also be used again. Because of the ongoing Dutch crocus holidays and the Belgian winter holidays, numerous guests are expected in the region, who can then enjoy good winter sports conditions, said the spokeswoman.

Anonymous is an activist collective that digitally fights for freedom of expression worldwide. They are currently engaged against conspiracy theorists such as Attila Hildmann. A representative explains what the Halle assassination attempt has to do with it. 

Conspiracy theories work according to the same pattern: Complex, difficult-to-explain connections are simplified and a guilty party is assigned. They are particularly popular in connection with Corona. An example: The coronavirus is only an aid to forcibly vaccinate the population and to make them compliant with an implanted chip. A mastermind behind this plan: Bill Gates.

These claims are demonstrably false. But there are many people who believe such stories – and that can make it dangerous to spread them. Attila Hildmann is one of the best-known representatives: he actually gained notoriety as an eccentric vegan chef, but now he gathers thousands of followers and spreads dangerous, sometimes anti-Semitic untruths on the Internet and at demos in Berlin.

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Hildmann is now targeted by Anonymous Germany. Behind the name Anonymous is a loosely anonymous group of hackers and digital activists who, among other things, advocate freedom of expression on the Internet. In June a German arm of the movement called the "Operation Tinfoil" (in German: Operation Alufolie) and has been taking action against Hildmann online since then. "Tinfoil" is an allusion to the aluminum hat with which conspiracy theorists are associated. was able to conduct a chat interview with a member of AnonNewsDE (Anonymous Germany). The group sees itself as the mouthpiece of the German Anonymous scene, which has existed since at least 2008. In the chat, an AnonNewsDE representative explains why the group considers Hildmann and his statements to be particularly dangerous for social peace, what makes Anonymous Germany so special and why a hacktivist sometimes needs a break. Anonymous became known worldwide through actions against all possible groups: from Scientology to GEMA – all in the name of freedom of expression. Do you feel comfortable with what you do?

Anonymous Germany: One thing first: We at AnonNewsDE are not hacktivists ourselves, but serve as a mouthpiece for a large part of the German scene – not for all German Anonymous. But in general we feel good about what we do. Often there are just laughs in the form of memes or funny actions. But we don’t see ourselves as heroes or world savers. For example, you can only see in retrospect whether an operation really brings anything.

With your Operation Tinfoil you are currently acting against Attila Hildmann. Activists attacked his website in early June, after which they infiltrated one of his telegram chats. Why?

With Operation Tinfoil, Anonymous wants to draw attention to the danger of conspiracy myths. Meanwhile there are crude myths or ideologies that you can no longer deal with "that’s just crazy" can dismiss. Hildmann was one of the loudest both in the media and on social networks. He incites people with hatred and lies, so he was started.

However, they did not stop at these campaigns: They also encouraged supporters, buyers and suppliers of Hildmann’s products to inform them about his convictions. Because of this, many stopped working with him.

Getting in touch with his partners wasn’t planned from the start. Many partners distanced themselves from him in May and early June before Anonymous took action. When Hildmann Anonymous Germany declared war on its own ("You want war? You get it!"), Many activists acted more brutally against him and, for example, wrote to sales partners.

Attila Hildmann is not the only one who spreads conspiracy stories. Xavier Naidoo and YouTuber KenFM are also known. The latter reaches millions of users with its videos. Are these people also possible targets for your attacks?

It is difficult to compare KenFM and Attila Hildmann. Hildmann is a hothead who, among other things, poses with weapons and aims to overthrow the FRG as quickly as possible. KenFM, on the other hand, is a manipulator that slowly but skillfully plants poisonous thoughts in people’s heads. Xavier Naidoo is someone who also shares some dangerous myths but doesn’t call for overthrow or demonstrations. Operation Tinfoil should not only focus on Hildmann.


Surely Operation Tinfoil will continue as long as activists are interested and participate. But there are even more important goals in the conspiracy scene and Hildmann becomes boring in the long run. But we don’t want to reveal what we have planned. That with Hildmann will soon be over anyway, since the state security department is now investigating him and hopefully will soon become active.

Such things are more the responsibility of the authorities. Some would describe your approach as vigilante justice.

Anonymous is always criticized, regardless of who or what Anonymous is doing. But any kind of online activism is like vigilante justice. And when it comes to Hildmann, we always keep the attacks in Christchurch, Halle and Hanau in mind. The attacks there were based on conspiracy myths, hatred and dangerous ideologies. Up until a few months ago, Hildmann was not a bad person: he had a great career and inspired people about veganism. But what he is doing now cannot be tolerated.

So you fear that his statements could lead to further attacks?

I agree. Hildmann now also shares content from QAnon. There have been murders in the USA by supporters of this conspiracy story.

Does QAnon have anything to do with Anonymous? Both of them contain the abbreviation "Anon" inside.

No, QAnon has nothing to do with Anonymous. Both groups were created on image boards. But at QAnon, an anonymous guy pretends to be "Q" out. He claims to have the highest rating and to be in close contact with Donald Trump. And he prophesies things that have not yet come true. For example, that a secret elite kidnapped children and tortured them underground to draw their blood.

And what does Anonymous Germany stand for?

Anonymous takes action in the event of censorship, cuts in data protection, mass surveillance, corruption or poor copyright reforms that threaten the Internet. We also do not believe in hatred, violence or the exploitation of people: for example by sects like Scientology.

A broad spectrum. That sounds like a lot of work.

From 2011 to 2016 we actually didn’t have any breaks. It got a bit quieter after that, but we still actively tweeted. But we too have to take care of real life. Permanently being anonymous can even lead to thematic burn-outs if you are not careful.

How do you proceed? Who determines which topic is currently important for Anonymous?

Anonymous is a loose collective, there is no leader. It is true that a de facto leader may be appointed for certain operations. He hits the table when things get chaotic. Otherwise everyone is equal.

Then how do you come up with your operations?

In general, it can be said that during operations there are brainstorming sessions with ideas and voting on them is democratic. We at Anonymous Germany operate on encrypted matrix servers. Here everyone can create an account and chat. Matters relevant to criminal law are not addressed publicly. And there are usually no private details exchanged between Anons, you only know each other by nicknames.

Do you have a topic that could be of interest to the digital department? Or would you like a guide with digital reference? Write us an email "".

Aren’t you afraid of the judiciary? Computer attacks can be prosecuted. An operation by German Anonymous in 2011 against GEMA even resulted in house searches.

The GEMA thing was a big failure. The procedure at that time was not supported by Anonymous Germany either. Otherwise there have been no problems with other operations so far. You have respect for the judiciary, but not afraid. Anons who have been around for a long time know how to protect themselves. And new anons are sent via "Online seminar" introduced to security things.

There are votes that you consider "Fake Anonymous" describe. Attilla Hildmann likes to call you Antifa. The group criticized on Telegram "Anonymous Switzerland" Your approach. And until 2016 the Facebook page Anonymous.Kollektiv distributed right-wing content. The site had millions of likes. Later it turned out that the right-wing extremist and "Migrant fright"Operator Mario Rönsch was behind it. If everyone can call themselves Anonymous, how can a common man know who "real" Anonymous is?

Each user has to decide for himself. Anonymous cannot consider itself "fake" describe. We like to refer to other groups that spread conspiratorial content as "Groups operating under the Anonymous flag" – such as Anonymous Switzerland on Telegram. Against the Facebook page Anonymous. Collective we were actively involved at the time and ultimately the log-in data of "Migrant fright" passed on to the police. Anonymous. Collective on Facebook was the first big split from Anonymous, since then many have drifted in this conspiratorial, right-wing direction and got stuck on it. Of course we hope that such a disgusting inflammatory page with so many (purchased) likes will never appear again. But over the years you learn to deal with it and defend yourself against it.

So would you describe Anonymous Germany more as left?

"SHARE ANYWHERE": Attila Hildmann spreads a fake ‘Bild’ interview, insults and conspiracy nonsense: Hildmann has Hopp and Anonymous against him. With citizens of the Reich and QAnon: Hildmann relies on the USA for the overthrow

Apart from the relation to politics on the internet, we see ourselves only temporarily in political terms. Even if we last viewed ourselves in a Twitter video as "anti-fascist" titled, we also distance ourselves from radical actions and myths from the left spectrum. We ourselves are of the opinion that anti-fascism should be a basic attitude – and you don’t always have to be or act politically. Many people don’t understand this: They think Anonymous is "The Antifa". But we have nothing to do with it: we are just anonymous.

Thank you for the interview.

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The Düsseldorf University Hospital can now be approached by ambulances again. A hacker attack paralyzed their IT system for almost two weeks. Emergency care has now been resumed.