That is the difference to the North Rhine-Westphalian cases, for example

That is the difference to the North Rhine-Westphalian cases, for example

The history and social studies teacher had already entered the state election campaign as the top candidate of his party in 2016. At a party congress in June, the FDP is expected to finally elect its top candidate. If the party so wishes, a membership decision would also be possible, provided that another candidate throws his hat into the ring. This membership decision would be binding, even if the party formally had the last word.

In 2016, the FDP received 8.3 percent of the vote, five years earlier it was 5.3 percent.

A fire in a grill restaurant in Ludwigsburg caused damage of around 10,000 euros. As the police announced, fat residues in the kitchen of the restaurant had probably caught fire on Friday evening. The fire brigade came with six vehicles and put out the flames. Nobody got hurt.

The thickest pumpkin comes from Bavaria again. At the German championship in pumpkin weighing, the specimen from breeder Michael Asam from Heretshausen (Aichach-Friedberg district) weighed 687.5 kilograms. Mathias Würsching from Hesse presented the second heaviest pumpkin weighing 650.5 kilograms on Sunday in Ludwigsburg in Baden-Württemberg. In third place came Martin Rudorfer from Hemmingen in Baden-Württemberg – his pumpkin weighed 628 kilograms.

According to the organizer, the winner is happy about 1000 euros. The German record weight from 2018 is 916.0 kilograms and is held by Mario Weishäupl – also – from Bavaria.

At the end of this year’s cradle marathon, the heaviest pumpkins in Europe will be weighed on October 13th. All of the award-winning giant pumpkins will then be slaughtered on the last day of the exhibition in early November.

Basketball Bundesliga club MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg has let two more professionals move to the USA in the coronavirus crisis. Marcos Knight and Jaleen Smith have also returned to their homeland as a result of the long break in play, as the giants announced on Friday. This means that a total of seven US professionals from Ludwigsburg are no longer on site. The basketball Bundesliga decided on Wednesday to suspend play until April 30th. Then it will be discussed again how the season, which has been interrupted since March 12, will continue.

Because of the new type of corona virus, Minister of Social Affairs Manne Lucha does not generally advise (green) travelers against trips to the northern Italian risk areas. However, he expressly recommends postponing journeys if the vacation plan also includes participation in larger social events. "You have to decide individually what you can endure yourself"said the minister of the German press agency.

He thinks a trip is justifiable if, for example, you are staying in his holiday apartment or in nature, for example on a ski tour in South Tyrol. "But I would advise everyone to consider whether they can control and oversee what they are doing, for example in the risk areas in Lombardy." If you come to the result that the vacation is too limited, you should rather wait and see "until the event has normalized".

The virus has now been detected in hundreds of people in Italy. In Baden-Württemberg, 20 confirmed cases were known by late Sunday evening. Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) warned, however, that despite all efforts, further infections would initially not be prevented. "We need to be aware that more illnesses will arise"said Strobl of the dpa.

Baden-Württemberg’s Health Minister Lucha is nevertheless confident that he will control the situation in the southwest. "We still don’t have a circulating pathogen"he said on the weekend. There is an overview of most of the contact chains.

With the end of the vacation, authorities, schools, day-care centers and the police have been protecting themselves since this Monday to reduce the risk of infection.creative argumentative essay topics Children, students, teachers and many officials and police officers have been asked to stay at home from Monday as a precaution if they have returned from a risk area for the corona virus in the past few days. This applies regardless of one’s own symptoms of the disease, according to an internal letter from the Ministry of the Interior. "This is a precautionary measure to prevent the spread as much as possible"said Strobl. "Anyone who shows symptoms should contact their family doctor by phone."

The ministry names the northern Italian province of Lodi in the Lombardy region and the city of Vo in the province of Padua (Veneto region) as well as parts of China, Iran and South Korea as risk areas.

The Ministry of Culture had previously issued a similar requirement for day-care centers and schools. Several cities such as Konstanz, Heilbronn and Böblingen have also been implementing the recommendations for their officials since Monday.

The German public prosecutor’s offices are still conducting 23 preliminary investigations into crimes in the National Socialist concentration camps. Twelve proceedings in Sachsenhausen, six in Buchenwald, two each in Stutthof and Mauthausen and one in Ravensbrück, said the deputy head of the Central Office for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes in Ludwigsburg, Thomas Will "world". A trial against a former security guard in the Stutthof concentration camp near Gdansk begins on Thursday at the Hamburg Regional Court. The 93-year-old is charged with complicity in murder in 5230 cases.

"We still want to identify as many perpetrators as possible"said Will. The prosecution of murder is compulsory. There is no age limit for the investigation. "If we were to receive a specific reference to someone over 100 who is still alive today, we will also conduct preliminary investigations against him", he said.

In September, the NDR reported on 29 ongoing proceedings against suspected Nazi criminals. It concerns former concentration camp guards, but also massacres by SS units in France and by members of "Security police" and "Security service" in Ukraine, it was said.

The 23 proceedings he cited are exclusively about cases that the public prosecutor’s offices have neither set nor brought to charges, Will told the German press agency on Tuesday. In addition, there are six other proceedings, three of which also affect concentration camp guards. Among them is the case of the Hamburg defendant. Another case against a former member of the Stutthof security staff is before the Wuppertal district court. A third case had not been opened by the Berlin Regional Court. The three remaining cases dealt with acts in France and Ukraine and Italy.

Even after the Bundesliga home win over defending champion FC Bayern Munich, the basketball players of the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg do not want to waste any thought on a possible German championship. "We certainly don’t do that, we’re too realistic about that"said the Ludwigsburg chairman Alexander Reil of "Stuttgart newspaper" and the "Stuttgart news" (Tuesday).

The 81:74 win over Bayern on Sunday was a great success. "But to dream of more would be simply absurd." In a series of games against Bayern, coach John Patrick’s team would have no chance.

Ludwigsburg is currently second in the table with 24 points, four points behind the leader from Munich. Therefore, Reil, who is also president of the basketball league, demands at least a place in the playoffs. The MHP Giants missed this season phase after the main round last season.

Reil attributes the much stronger appearance this season to the fact that Ludwigsburg is again showing more typical virtues such as passion, intensity and struggle. "The team chemistry also seems to be noticeably good, it wasn’t always like that"explained Reil.

Hamburg Towers have to wait for their second win in the basketball Bundesliga. On Friday the newcomer lost to the MHP Giants Ludwigsburg in front of 4040 spectators with 83:94 (43:56) and thus suffered the fifth defeat in the sixth punk game. Beau Beech was the best Towers thrower with 19 points. "For me it was a step in the right direction. The team fought very well today", head coach Mike Taylor praised his team despite the defeat, adding: "We had a lot of good moments on offense and defense. But we also have to be in the lead for once. We are often behind, and that always costs us a lot of energy."

The Hanseatic League was only able to convince in the last quarter, when they reduced the gap to seven points around three minutes before the end. After that, the hosts were able to keep the Taylor team at a distance and bring the lead over time. The Hamburgers were almost equal in almost all statistics, but suffered again from the poor yield in the three-point throws, in which the ball only landed eight times in the basket in 22 attempts. Hamburg’s next opponent on November 16 is the so far winless BG Göttingen.

The basketball player Jairus Lyles has left the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg and has switched to the Löwen Braunschweig within the Bundesliga with immediate effect. Ludwigsburg announced on Saturday that the contract with the 24-year-old combo guard from the USA, which ran until the summer, had been terminated by mutual agreement. The Lions also confirmed the change on their website.

In the course of the investigation into the insolvency of Geno Wohnbaugenossenschaft, a former high-ranking manager of the company has come into custody. A spokesman for the Stuttgart public prosecutor said on Thursday that the man was arrested on November 26 as part of searches of several residential and business premises in Baden-Württemberg and Hesse. There is a risk of escape. Investigators also examined two law firms more closely during the latest search. The spokesman did not want to give more details. First had that "Handelsblatt" reported about it.

There had already been searches in September last year. The investigators are investigating the suspicion of breach of trust, the delay in bankruptcy and joint commercial fraud. The insolvency proceedings of the Geno Wohnbaugenossenschaft, founded in 2002 and based in Ludwigsburg, opened in August 2018. However, the public prosecutor’s office has been investigating this for several years.

The business model of the cooperative worked in such a way that the members paid in money in a manner similar to a building society loan agreement and thus collected provision points. At a certain point, they could use the cooperative to acquire and move in a property. Those who were not able to immediately pay off the total amount were allowed to move in for a cheap rent and could continue paying off the house or apartment.

So far, more than 2,200 creditors have made claims amounting to more than 34 million euros, as insolvency administrator Frank-Rüdiger Scheffler announced. The procedure is very extensive and complex.

At the end of the carnival holidays, the authorities in Baden-Württemberg continue to try to reduce the risk of infections with the new corona virus. After children, students, teachers and many officials, police officers should now also stay at home as a precaution if they have returned from an area at risk for the new corona virus in the past few days. This applies regardless of one’s own symptoms of illness, as can be seen from an internal letter from the Ministry of the Interior, which the dpa has received. The officers would be released from duty until their state of health was clarified beyond doubt.

The ministry names the northern Italian province of Lodi in the Lombardy region and the city of Vo in the province of Padua (Veneto region) as well as parts of China, Iran and South Korea as risk areas.

The Ministry of Culture had previously issued a similar requirement for day-care centers and schools. It is unclear how many people are affected by these restrictions. "This is certainly only about individual cases, namely those who have recently been in one of the risk areas"Health Minister Manne Lucha (Greens) said on Saturday. The holidays in Baden-Württemberg end this Monday.

According to current knowledge, 15 people in Baden-Württemberg are infected with the corona virus. The number had continued to rise after a new report on Saturday evening. According to the Ministry of Health, one of the contacts of a man who is already isolated because of an infection has fallen ill. The 42-year-old woman is also cared for in isolation at home in the Emmendingen district.

Lucha is nevertheless confident that he can control the situation in the southwest. "We still don’t have a circulating pathogen"he told the German Press Agency. "Because we have an overview of most of the contact chains and are still talking about individual cases or clusters." A dozen of the previous cases could be narrowed down, and the chain of infection will be clarified in two more. "That is the difference to the North Rhine-Westphalian cases, for example. In Baden-Württemberg we also have relatively moderate trends"said Lucha.

However, he was aware of the danger of the virus for an infected person, he said: "Our bodies are naive to the coronavirus. We don’t have anything yet." Immunization against the virus has not yet developed in the population. "This of course makes us more susceptible than, for example, the influenza virus."

According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, in order to prevent further spread in Germany and especially in Baden-Württemberg, it is important to identify cases early on, to isolate them and to strictly adhere to hygiene measures. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has so far stuck to its assessment that the risk of infection is low to moderate.

Nevertheless, according to Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) and the Ministry of Social Affairs, the city of Stuttgart also warned of false reports and criticized hostility against infected patients. "Anyone who has been infected by the virus and reports should be treated with respect", demands the administration of the state capital in a message. "We warn against stigmatization."

According to the RKI, the number of cases has increased to more than 83,000 infected people in 52 countries worldwide. In Europe, more than 20 countries are affected, according to statistics from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). In view of the growing number of Sars-CoV-2 infections, the World Health Organization (WHO) put the risk of the virus spreading worldwide "high" on "very high".