The 30-year-old is also worried about the corona pandemic

The 30-year-old is also worried about the corona pandemic

First on the pitch and now also in the club. This behavior is not new to me, because I experience the team every day and therefore I know the character and mentality of our group."

Football professional Amine Harit has been fined heavily by his club FC Schalke 04. This was confirmed by Schalke’s sports director Jochen Schneider on Tuesday on request. "Yes that’s true. But there are more important issues now than the boy’s fine", Schneider told the German press agency shortly before the start of the video conference of the 36 German professional clubs with the DFL top around managing director Christian Seifert.

When there were already significant contact restrictions in North Rhine-Westphalia, the 22-year-old midfielder was caught by the police at a corona party in a shisha bar in Essen together with ten other people after the shop had closed at the time (6 p.m.). The summoned officials broke up the unauthorized meeting well after midnight.

For his misconduct, the Moroccan, who later showed himself to be understanding, received one from the Royal Blues "hefty fine". Previously they had "Ruhr news" and the "Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung" reported about it. "Amine is very sorry and it won’t happen again", Schneider had already explained after the incident about ten days ago.

Harit also has to make a donation to a joint aid project run by the Ultras Gelsenkirchen, the Revierclub and the association’s own foundation "Schalke helps!" participate. The fans help to pack so-called buddy boxes with food in compliance with the hygiene regulations and to deliver them to those in need or risk groups in Gelsenkirchen.

The zoo "ZOOM world of experience" in Gelsenkirchen will be closed until further notice due to the spread of the corona virus. The press office of the zoo announced on Saturday. This was decided in consultation with the city of Gelsenkirchen’s crisis team in order to slow down the spread of the virus. More information will follow on Monday.

The advisor to the future Bayern goalkeeper Alexander Nübel has announced in view of the imminent financial aftermath of the coronavirus crisis that he will forego half of the commissions in cooperation with the third division teams supported by his agency. "Even if the football industry is not number 1 on the priority list these days, this industry will also have to accept massive losses and changes", wrote Stefan Backs on the Siebert agency’s website & Backs.

Probably the hardest hit will be the 3rd division, "who is struggling the most financially anyway"said Backs. Michael Köllner from 1860 Munich and Jens Härtel from Hansa Rostock look after his agency. "That is why we as an agency have decided to make a contribution. We will forego 50 percent of our commission in 2020 in order to relieve these clubs financially and expressly to motivate other agencies (which can) to do their part to overcome the crisis in the 3rd division."

He know "that German professional complainers will criticize our action. Or note that after Alex Nübel’s move to Bayern Munich, we now need good PR. To these people (I could already name some of them) I would like to say: You bored me. Do something yourself instead of nagging"wrote Backs.

Schalke’s coach David Wagner has vehemently defended his recently criticized star Amine Harit. The 22-year-old Moroccan midfielder recently received a heavy fine for staying illegally in a shisha bar despite the current restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. "This is disappointing and was not okay", admitted Wagner in an interview of the "Picture on sunday" a. But he also knows Harits "other side", said the coach of FC Schalke 04: "When it came to waiving wages, he was one of the first to agree to do so."

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After strong performances in the first half of the season, Harit had recently been criticized for weaker games before the Corona season break. "When talking about amines, you have to know the following: Even if he is a creative player and a decision maker, he is anything but an egoist. He has a lot of sense of responsibility for the team. But also for the club – keyword waiver"said 48-year-old Wagner.

In view of the contact restrictions in the Corona crisis, the police broke up a meeting of 15 people in a club building in Gelsenkirchen’s old town. A 40-year-old was responsible for the meeting on Tuesday night, the officials said. He and his guests would have to "expect a lavish fine". Some of the guests tried to escape from the officials – five escaped. A witness reference had triggered the operation. In the past few weeks, public life has been severely restricted so that the novel corona virus does not spread as quickly.

A 55-year-old was seriously injured in a fire in an attic apartment in Gelsenkirchen. Firefighters found him unconscious on the ground, as the fire brigade announced on Wednesday. He was taken to a clinic with severe smoke inhalation and burns. For a previously unknown cause, the fire broke out in the kitchen during the night. A resident of the tenement had heard a smoke alarm in the stairwell and alerted the fire department. The other seven residents of the house made it to safety unharmed. The police have taken over the investigation into the cause of the fire.

Schalke’s coach David Wagner has announced changes in the team after the frustrating season and wants to look for creative solutions for the restart despite the austerity measures announced. "The fact is: the cards will be reshuffled in preparation. Changes are possible in all parts of the team, so we shouldn’t rule out anything at this early stage", said the coach of the Bundesliga club "Kicker" (Monday).

Those in charge of the Revierclub had the day after the resignation of the chairman of the board, Clemens Tönnies "massive savings" announced. Wagner does not want to be slowed down by this when rebuilding the team and making necessary transfers. "It is by no means a commitment to mediocrity", assured the 48-year-old. "Rather, it is a return to economic reason and sustainability"said Wagner.

Yet "limits us the financial situation on the transfer market"said the trainer. "We are now looking for creative solutions and want to continue to rely on talents from our miner’s forge." The austerity measures would have "also influence our short and medium term athletic goals. Nonetheless, we will of course do everything we can to bring the football back onto the pitch, which we stood for from the beginning of the first half of the season to mid-February."

He was "myself my greatest critic and knows about the mistakes that I am responsible for as head coach. As a coaching team, we have worked through the past months and drawn our conclusions"said Wagner. "We now know what measures we have to take to play football successfully again."

Schalke had only ended the Corona season in twelfth place in the table after a catastrophic second half of the season. Those responsible had announced significant budget cuts also in the professional sector.

Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04 prematurely ended the loan deal with Juan Miranda. As the club announced on Wednesday, they had agreed with FC Barcelona to cancel the loan, which was originally limited to June 30, 2021, with immediate effect. The 20-year-old left-back has already returned to Spain. In the past season, Miranda made eleven Bundesliga appearances.

Jochen Schneider has confirmed the impending break at FC Schalke 04. "We won’t be able to afford a seasoned top player in the next few years", said the 49-year-old sports director of the Bundesliga soccer team on Sunday in Sport1-"One-two". The club has to limit itself financially and rely on young players from the junior performance center Knappenschmiede. In addition, Schalke had to sign young players such as Suat Serdar or Ozan Kabak, who, however, could not be acquired cheaply either.

Schneider was able to present a first example on Sunday: The 18-year-old central defender Malick Thiaw has signed a professional contract with the Revierclub until 2024. "Malick undoubtedly has great potential and was able to collect his first appearances in the Bundesliga last season"said Schneider.

In addition, loaned players like Mark Uth (1. FC Köln) or Sebastian Rudy (1899 Hoffenheim) should come back. No more was spent than was available, said Schneider. "We have to lead the club through this difficult phase in terms of sport and economy. Now we are challenged"said the Schalke sports director.

Schneider emphasized once again that David Wagner was the right coach for the team. "We are convinced of him. His style of football suits Schalke. He can lead and make players better. That’s why we’re holding on to him and his team."

Berlin (AP) – Schalke striker Guido Burgstaller enjoys the time with his little daughter despite the current restrictions. "She’s crawling quite decently and clears the whole house. You always have to be behind", reported the Bundesliga soccer player on Sky Sport News. "A day like this is more exhausting than sometimes training twice." FC Schalke 04 is currently not training.

The 30-year-old is also worried about the corona pandemic. It burdened him "very pretty. You’re so in the air and don’t know what to do next"said Burgstaller: "Now not only in football, but also in business. That affects the whole world."

According to a media report, FC Schalke 04 is the first Bundesliga club to introduce a salary cap. At the Revierclub, the limit of an annual salary of 2.5 million euros will no longer be exceeded in any new contract, like the one "Southgerman newspaper" (Monday) reported. Recently, several officials, including DFL boss Christian Seifert and DFB President Fritz Keller, called for an upper salary limit in football, but its implementation is classified as difficult.

At FC Schalke, the financial situation had recently worsened during the Corona crisis. "It’s about the existence of the club", had warned head of communications Alexander Jobst. The club had ended the Bundesliga season with 16 winless games in a row in twelfth place in the table. According to the report, David Wagner should remain coach at Schalke in the coming season.

For Markus Schubert, the loss of his regular place in the goal of FC Schalke 04 is primarily the result of his own high standards. The 22-year-old had displaced Alexander Nübel, but is now back on the bench after mixed performances with a few mistakes. "I said to myself: "You are number one, you have to perform and help Schalke get back on track! I put way too much pressure on myself with that"said Schubert "Sports picture" (Wednesday).

After the mistake of ex-captain Nübel (23), who switched to the German record champions FC Bayern at the end of the season and was therefore attacked by his own fans, Schubert went into goal shortly before the forced Corona break in March. He should actually play through to the end of the season. But Schubert blundered several times, so that coach David Wagner preferred Nübel again from the end of May.

Schubert wants to learn from his mistakes and go back to the Gelsenkirchen team, who recently failed to win 15 games in a row. "First and foremost, it doesn’t matter to me whether a new goalkeeper comes. I just look at myself. My goal is to be number one at Schalke next season. I will fight for it", he said.

Schalke’s coaching legend Huub Stevens has spoken out in favor of coach David Wagner staying with the Bundesliga club. in the "Kicker" (Thursday) said the 66-year-old, who bailed out the club for a few months last year and avoided relegation, when asked if Wagner was the right person: "I guess so."

Stevens, who is on the club’s board of directors, has followed the coaching career of his former player Wagner from the start, including when he was working in England at Huddersfield Town. When Schalke’s board of directors thought about Wagner a year ago, he was also asked for his opinion, according to Stevens. "I said why not? And I say that today too."

After the good first half of the Bundesliga season with fifth place and 30 points, Stevens hadn’t expected the team to slip so far in the new year. "Of course, I also have contact with David from time to time. We talk to each other. But nothing more than that"said the Dutchman.

FC Schalke 04 has no chance of a further commitment from Jonjoe Kenny, but is still hoping for Benjamin Stambouli to stay. Kenny (23) has to return to his home club Everton FC after the loan deal ends. "Jonjoe matched Schalke like a fist on the eye. We have stated that we are interested in him coming back to us on loan for a year. Everton saw it differently, we have to respect that"said sports director Jochen Schneider on Wednesday. Liverpool-born Kenny still has a contract with Everton until 2022.

The contract of the 29-year-old defender Stambouli has also expired. "We’re talking to each other and would like to keep him here"Said Schneider on the future of the long-injured Frenchman, who had been missing from the Bundesliga club, especially in the devastating second half of the season, with 16 games without a win.

How things will continue in the goalkeeper position after Alexander Nübel’s departure is still unclear. Ralf Fährmann is returning to Norway after two loans to Norwich City and SK Brann. According to his own statement, coach David Wagner has no concerns about starting the season with Fährmann (31) and the previous number two Markus Schubert (22). Nevertheless, there were recently rumors that Schalke was interested in Freiburg’s Alexander Schwolow (28). But Schneider wanted to do that "out of respect" say nothing in front of the Breisgauer.

Bundesliga club Schalke 04 has a new sleeve sponsor.