What Is Datatek?

DATEOAS is a leading across the internet service for the purpose of managing DETRÁS Our site trades in the US selling industry. DATEOAS provides real-time transaction processing, complex account and product data, secure RFID credit card airport terminal, multi foreign currency display support, merchant products and services and award winning customer support. With DATEOAS you will see your entire revenue and products on hand in a simple interface, take care of your cash and credit card financial transactions, print invoices and enter in sales data securely and quickly.

Datatek has bundled its technology with above 10 years of experience in the retail market to bring you a unique and comprehensive across the internet sales and replenishment resolution. It is also one of the largest services of web-affiliated software solutions in the world. Datatek is mostly a preferred choice by small , and midsize and large retailers in america retail industry for their DETRÁS and E-commerce needs. DATEOAS gives stores the ability to deal with their product sales and products on hand more effectively and effectively using a sole system that delivers total control over hardware, applications and software. Features include products on hand control, expense calculation, bill entry, funds drawer trades, product inventory verification, full-charge line stamping, full-charge bar council coding, cost-per-transaction reporting and real-time stock management.

All transactions happen to be processed in real-time therefore there is no need to worry about slow reacting systems or perhaps inaccurate info entry. With DATEOAS you may process a lot of transactions on a daily basis and offer top-quality functionality for your business. You can use DATEOAS for sales, cash and check payday loans, e-commerce and payroll ventures. You can personalize your on the web software in order that it is easy to access your data and reports by any site. With the ability to process invoices, pay for orders, worker checks, plastic card transactions and even more, DATEOAS is actually a preferred decision for banks and sellers with regard to their POS and E-commerce money systems.